New Product - Water Wheel:
Extra Extra Extra We are still in development stage on a 36 inch diameter handcrafted redwood Working Water Wheel complete with water pump for your pond or garden. If you have been following us you will know that we have been in development for several months.  We have run into several issues which have caused us to redesign several times. (Back to the drawing board) But we have not given up. We are in the mock-up stage on Plan "C" If you are interested call or text us with your name so we can put you on the list to be among the first to get one - Click here for a video clip

Pond Tips:
Well we are in the slowest part of the koi pond keeping time of the year. Our koi are entering the semi dormant stage; they are very inactive mostly sitting in the deepest part of the pond. For the most part they have stopped eating. This is not the time to be disturbing them with unnecessary water changes. Their metabolism has slowed to a fraction of the summertime rate. They are basically resting and relaxing in anticipation of the coming spring.  We live in a climate zone where most water plants will also go dormant losing leaves and basically dying back to the soil level, but don't mistake this as outright dying off. Most of these plants will explode back to life with new leaves and blooms in spring. This is a great time for us to take a break from the daily routine of koi keeping. This is a great time to find a sunny spot in the garden enjoy our coffee with our significant other and make plans for the coming year. 

We here at Grandpas want to take this opportunity to THANK ALL OF YOU for your patronage this year. WE WISH ALL OF YOU THE MERRIEST OF CHRISTMASES AND A BRIGHT, HAPPY AND HEALTHY NEW YEAR!

And finally, please remember we want to be your one stop OUTDOORS POND SUPPLIES STORE...