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We have just received our SECOND order of the year and placed a new order for 5 inch koi.  We now have 227 new 3 inch koi in our tanks. They are out of quarantine and up for sale. They are a mixture of many colors and patterns as well as standard and Butterfly fin. They will go fast so don't wait come in and get yours before the GREAT ones are gone. As an added BONUS come in and BUY 5 and get one free.  YEP, that's right get a free koi with the purchase of 5 at the regular price. Just say I want my FREE Koi.... Check our ad on Craigslist IE for pictures and arrival of the 5 inch koi. Click here for pictures of new Koi

New Product - Water Wheel:
Extra Extra Extra Yup we are still at it. But in our defense let me say that since we are your Outdoor Pond Supplies Store we have been really set back by this cold rainy weather. But we are still in development stage on a 36 inch diameter handcrafted redwood Working Water Wheel complete with water pump for your pond or garden. if you have been following us you know that we have been in development for several months. We have run into several issues which have caused us to redesign several times, but we have not given up. We are in the mock-up stage Plan "C". If you are interested call or text us with your name so we could put you on the list to be amount the first to get one - Click here for a video clip

Pond Tips:
Well SPRING is just around the corner.  Daytime temps are reaching the high 60's and on some days the low 70's.  The koi are leaving the deepest part of the pond and starting to congregate  in the sunny areas. Reminds me of myself soaking up the sun with a cup of hot coffee yum yum.  Just imagine if the sun feels so good to us how it must feel to our koi having lived thru the cold winter waters.  At this time I like to drop just a few food pellets in the water.  The koi are still slow moving but they will come up and feed. Just be careful to keep the feeding to the bare minimum. I think this actually makes me feel better than it does the koi. Our plants are also showing signs of life and will soon explode with new leaves and blooms in spring.  This is a great time to find a sunny spot in the garden enjoy our coffee with our significant other and make plans for the coming year. 

We here at Grandpas want to take this opportunity to THANK all of YOU for your continued support and patronage. WE NEVER FORGET  THAT WE OWE ALL OF OUR SUCCESS TO ALL OF  YOU AND WE LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING ALL OF OUR FRIENDS THIS BRIGHT NEW YEAR. 

And finally, please remember we want to be your one stop OUTDOORS POND SUPPLIES STORE... 

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