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The Pond of the Month

Our Featured POND OF THE MONTH for the month of August is this Monster Pond in Temecula. According to the owner it is close to 30,000 gallons and at some areas up to 6 Ft. deep. He has only 7 koi in the pond so it is very under stocked. However he has very definite ideas as to what he wants in the pond. The three koi you see in the picture were just recently purchased from us. They are a 30-inch standard yamabuki ogon, a 30-inch butterfly yamabuki and a 27-inch shusui doitsu. According to the owner they are all doing wonderfully. This pond is definitely the focal point of the yard and they spend many evenings enjoying a glass of fine wine while watching their koi play in the shallows.

Send us pictures of your pond so that we can feature it in our Pond of the month section. So don't wait....send in pictures of your pond along with the following info, size (in gallons) number of fish and type of filter!

Email your submission to:

30,000 gallons
6 feet deep
Koi purchase from Grandpas Koi Farm
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